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Pokemon GO APK

Now Catch Pokemon In Real Life by Playing Pokemon GO on Mobile

Pokemon GO APK

The future is here! Now the new era has started with Pokemon GO. It is hard to find a Pokemon hater. Everybody loves it. It is time to play the game in real life. Pokemon GO is a virtual reality type of game. You need to find the Pokemon by travelling various places. You must need to turn on your GPS to find your way to catch the Pokemons. You will have few chances to catch a pockemon. Online battles are also available. You will see your pockemons in the map. You need to go there and catch the Pokemons. Collect them all and upgrade them. Be the king of Pokemon. Create your own squade. Recently Pokemon GO has lunched officially in India. You can play anywhere in India now. What to do? Its very easy. Level up pockemon trainers and explore new cities and catch more pockemon as you can. Pokemon GO is fully free to use. But if you have more budget you can buy Pokemon GO Plus. You can pre order this on amazon. The approximate price is $34.99 only. Walk far as you can to collect points, eggs and Pokemons. You can take a Gym battle and defend your own Gym. You must need to know the game is for android smartphone only, not tablets. Your android version should be 4.4-5.0 and ram should be 2GB. Intel processor won’t work. It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information. Compatibility information can be changed at any time.

To install Pokemon GO download apk from bellow link.  

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